Generic Windows 8 Installation Key

Generic Windows 8 Installation Key

Although we are unable to provide you with a free Windows 8 key, we hope that you will be able to provide at least the universal Windows 8 product key available to install any version of Windows 8. More or less common installation keys are listed here. For installation purposes only. These keys will not activate your Windows 8 product (no version at all), nor will you let you skip the purchase of a legitimate retail key and run Windows 8 long. These Universal Windows 8 keys are Product key-supplied default keys that are used to skip entering product keys during installation or during an unattended Windows 8 installation.

If you are still looking for a valid retail Windows 7 key, we would like you to check the following key. You can find a link to a location where you can purchase any version of the Windows 7 product key in the market. Hurry up, if you want to buy a key, the sale of Windows 7 licenses will end sooner or later.

Windows 8 Product Key

The Windows 8 product keys listed in this section can also be used with unattended installations . Though they are blocked at the Microsoft clearinghouse and therefore cannot be used to activate any productive systems to fully working retail installations. Keys provide you with a couple of days for you to complete the Windows 8 activation process. The keys supplied do not depend on the architecture. They will work on either x86 (32 Bit) and x64 (64 Bit) installations of Windows 8.

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