How to Change Microsoft Office 2010 Product Activation Key

How to Change Microsoft Office 2010 Product Activation Keys?

Recently I rebuilt my desktop PC and, in doing so, opted to install Microsoft Office 2010.

I like the new interface but was having an annoying error every time I started any Office application. I was told that I needed to perform Office 2010 license activation over the Internet but when I did that, the activation would fail. The error was occurring because I had already activated Office using this key too many times.

Unfortunately, the activation wizard does not allow me to enter a new key. I entered billions of characters and was eventually told (only through automated systems) that I needed to buy another key. Despite this, I have no obvious way to use a different key, and I do have another license key that remains active.

After some investigation, I encountered information on how to change the Office 2010 product activation key and was able to get rid of those annoying messages when starting any Office application (in fact, I was told that the application was not properly activated It will stop working soon.)

I want to know how to gradually change my Office key to solve the problem. buy one!

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