Cisco 300-085 Questions, Differences Between Serial port & E-port

Cisco 300-085 Questions, A novice asked me some questions for help. Cisco 300-085 Questions, He said he didn’t understand the serial port learned from the video. What is the function of the serial port? Cisco 300-085 dumps. What is the difference between serial port and E port? Cisco 300-085 dumps, Some people said that the serial port was actually not used and it was obsolete, 300-085 dumps, but it would add NW-4T in the initial tutorial or add 4 serial ports to demonstrate loopback when he learned from the video.

These are two different concepts.
What is the function of the serial port? Cisco 300-085 questions, The earliest router docking needs to be realized through the serial port connection, using a special serial cable.
Cisco 300-085 Questions, The current enterprise router also has a serial port, but it is actually a CONSOLE port, which is used to configure the switch, but plugs it in with a configuration line, and opens the HyperTerminal on the computer for configuration. Cisco 300-085 Questions, It can be said to be a configuration port. Gradually this kind of interface will be eliminated by the fiber interface ,because of its slow speed. And the connection requires a special connection line.

Ethernet port, also called IE ethernet port, RJ45 network porT, can be said to be 100 Mbps / Gigabit port, and used to connect the switches or direct client ports.