CCNP Collaboration 300-080 Dumps, 12 Ways to Disable the USB Port (1)_

How to control the data transfer of the USB port? CCNP Collaboration 300-080 dumps, we have collected all the practices that are currently feasible, 300-080 exam, which are summarized into three categories and 12 ways.

The first category is physical blockade, Cisco 300-080 dumps, which can be subdivided into completely disabled, elastically disabled, 300-080 exam and labeled. The second category is to modify the operating system settings and start with the Windows environment. Cisco 300-080 exam, The third type is more comprehensive, if the enterprise wants to acquire the highest control flexibility and can be achieved with a dedicated peripheral control solution or combined with the management of other security solutions.Cisco 300-080 exam dumps.
1. Disabled in BIOS, in the Advance Chip Setting, turn off the USB ON Board option, you can crack the BIOS password by means of debug, discharge, or software.Cisco 300-080 exam dumps.
2. File permissions, if the USB storage device is not already installed on the computer, pair the user or component with the ‘Deny’ permission for the %SystemRoot%\Inf\Usbstor.pnf and %SystemRoot%\Inf\Usbstor.inf files.
3. If a USB storage device has been installed on your computer, set the ‘Start’ value in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services \USBSTOR registry key to 4.Cisco 300-080 exam dumps.

The first way: disable BIOS settings
Advantages: easy to set up, simple to do
Disadvantages: BIOS management password may be cracked
In the BIOS settings of the motherboard, we can set the function of the USB port to disabled.

The second way: stick the fragile sticker
Advantages: With the naked eye, you can distinguish whether the computer’s USB port has been used.Cisco 300-080 exam dumps.
Disadvantages: When the sticker is accidentally broken, it is easy to cause unnecessary misunderstanding
This practice is often seen in many IT companies in high-tech campuses. Most of the users are targeted at corporate visitors, and less use of internal employee computers, Cisco 300-080 exam dumps.

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