Cisco 300-075 Dump, Configuring Two-Wire Access On Cisco ASA 5510 to Access Internal WEB Servers

There is a WEB server placed on the company’s intranet,Cisco 300-075 Dump, it is mapped to the public network through the external network. Cisco 300-075 exam.Now, many colleagues report that the speed of access the internet is very slow, Cisco 300-075 Dump,and many functions on the website cannot be executed smoothly. Therefore, we want to solve the network intercommunication by accessing the telecom and mobile optical networks. Cisco 300-075 Dumps.The telecommunication network accesses the WEB server through the telecommunication network, Cisco 300-075 Dump,and the mobile network accesses the WEB server through the mobile network. In this way, Cisco 300-075 Dump, the problem of slow website access can be solved, and the network backup function is also implemented through two-line access.And once there is a problem of any one of the lines, it will automatically jumps to an available network connection.

They are the detailed configuration process below:
1: Accessing to two lines, telecommunications and mobile.Cisco 300-075 pdf.
2: Domain name management maps the telecom and mobile IP respectively, Cisco 300-075 Dump.
3: Ask Telecom to summarize the routing details in the domain and add it to the ASA, Cisco 300-075 vce.
4: Create an extended ACL that matches policy routing, Cisco 300-075 Dump.
5: Do policy routing, Cisco 300-075 Dump.
6: Upgrade the configuration of Default route,Cisco 300-075 exam.

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