Sikkim State Lottery Result 17.10.2021 Today 1PM Lottery Sambad

Good morning my dear friends you are are here most the most awesome and powerful Sikkim state lottery 2pm morning result and friends this website daily provided you the all popular lottery sambad result and friends this news website is known as Prokeyshop and my dear friends you know that today is 16th of October 2021 so this Saturday sambad today lotteries will really known as Sikkim state lotteries DEAR KOSAI MORNING the result will be published at the 2:10pm so this website you are here which is mostly known as or popular as Prokeyshop where we daily publish the all over the global news and we also post the lottery sambad result which is divided by the named as Sikkim state lottery, West Bengal state lottery, Nagaland state lottery, Dhankesari Lottery, Bodoland Lottery Result, Lottery Sambad Result, Khanapara Lottery Result another is teer result also publish here so keep visiting us.


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2PM Result

Sikkim State Lottery Result 17.10.2021 Today 11:55AM

Do you know my dear friends Lottery Sambad tug held three times every time, Lottery Sambad to day Impact 11AM, 6PM and 8PM. The days 1st and most searched lottery is known as sikkim state lottery. Lottery Sambad a Indian lottery known Across the India. Lottery sambad perhaps probably one of the very famous and favorite lottery. Thus keep tuned in with us to assess daily lottery sambad lead with all us. Lottery Sambad tug held between 11:55 AM to 12:15 PM. People that buy Sambad Lottery Telephones have been advised that stay educated with us to look at their lottery Sambad to day 11:55 AM result here on line.

Sikkim State Lottery Weekly Draw Schedule & Names

Sikkim State Lottery
Lottery Name Sikkim State Lottery
State Name Sikkim State
Draw Date Today 17.10.2021
Draw Time 1PM Morning
Draw Number 28th Draw
Ticket Price 6 INR
Lottery Link Sikkim State Lottery
Result Website
Result Status Waiting/Available
1st Prize 1 Crore

How to Buy Sikkim State Lottery?

Purchase the Sikkim State Lottery Sambad ticket for only 6 rupees- and the lucky winner receives a opportunity to win upto a crore. This sum will be provided by the Lottery Department of Sikkim State. In the event that you also can’t triumph in your business in regular activity, then the gold opportunity will be supplied for you by Sikkim State Lottery. Bodoland lottery result The ticket’s face value is 6rupees. The first prize is 50 lakhs.

The next prize is 9,000 rupees. The 3rd prize is rupee 500, the 4th trophy is currently of rupee250, and also the 5th decoration of rupee 120 and therefore so are supplied to the lottery ticket holders with matching serial numbers. Besides such types of prizes, there’s actually really just a consolation prize worth rupee1000. The draw on Monday’s weekly lottery’Dear Treasure Morning’ is going to soon be announced by 11.55 AM.

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Game Live Program

Sikkim State Lottery Complete prize details Dear frinds sikkim state lottery 1st prize and another prize details are shorted below in the table

Position Prize
1st Prize 1Crore
Cons. Prize 1000
2nd Prize 9000
3rd Prize 500
4th Prize 250
5th Prize 120

Sikkim State Lottery Morning 11:55AM Result Draw Names

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Lottery Sambad Morning 1PM Draw Schedule & Names

Days Draw Names

Sikkim State Lottery and all best sambad lottery result names

On This Site, from the Contrary Nation lottery result, There Are Nagaland State Lottery Morning Effect, West Bengal State Lottery Result, Lottery Sambad Night Effect, Rajshree Lottery Morning Effect, Rajshree Lottery 4pm Impact, Rajshree Lottery 8 pm Impact, Bodoland Lottery Impact , Mizoram Lottery Impact, Maharashtra State Lottery Impact, Kerala State Lottery Impact, Labh Laxmi Lottery Impact, Mumbai Laxmi Lottery Impact, Khanapara Teer Impact Is Also seen.

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Sikkim State Lottery 11:55AM Morning Result

It’s possible to purchase more tickets to test your fortune from Sikkim State Lottery Result. Purchasing more tickets raises your odds of winning the lottery. Everyone might have their own distinct perspective on it. Attempt to test your fortune by spending a minimal sum of money on the lottery. The draw of the lottery is accomplished by means of a lottery system. Remember that purchasing more tickets also needs to look after your everyday expenses.

Sikkim State Lottery 6PM Day Result

On this site, you can see the Sikkim State Lottery 8 PM Impact. Here under you can get the Now Sikkim State Lottery night outcome 17.10.2021. Sikkim Lotteries was used to announce the Sikkim State Lottery 8 PM 17.10.2021 Dear Night reside from 8 PM daily along with also the official Sikkim State Lottery Night Outcomes PDF will be accessible after 8:15 PM in their official site. Here we’re upgrading the dwell Sikkim State lottery outcome in 8 PM. So the folks are asked to continue watching this page for Nowadays Sikkim Lottery Effect by 8 PM. Check below the Sikkim State Lottery 8 PM Result PDF file.

Sikkim State Lottery 8PM Evening Result

The ticket’s face value is 6. The first prize is 50 lakhs. The next prize is 9,000. The 3rd prize is 500, the 4th trophy is currently of 250, and also the 5th decoration of 120 and therefore are supplied to the lottery ticket holders with matching serial numbers. Besides these types of prizes, there’s actually a consolation prize worth  1000. The draw on Tuesday’s weekly lottery Dear Admire Morning’ is going to soon be announced by 11.55 AM.

Good news for Sikkim state lottery result viewers

“It’s always to in form to the overall public which the pulls of newspaper lottery strategies of Government of Sikkim will restart w.e.f. 08-06-2020. The newspaper lottery strategies are offered and promoted by M/s Future & Hotel Services Pvt. Limited, Sole Purchaser/Distributor of Sikkim State Paper Lottery tickets,” Director, Sikkim State Lotteries, Government of Sikkim stated from the announcement.

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Sikkim State Lottery can be an entire off line lottery sambad game also here could be actually the everydays 1 st lottery sambad game and also the off line game result each day posted here within this site.

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In the event you would like to maintain the prize money then please down load the assert out of from the official internet site called as

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In this post we daily publish the sikkim state lottery 11:55am morning result and we also provide you the another post for the sikkim state lottery old result and you can also visit this page click on the right button.

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You can watch the sikkim state lottery live result here we provide you the daily live result as well as the pdf format and image format result also you can search on YouTube for this.

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