5 Crazy New Innovations in Upcoming Smartphones


Some have predicted that the time of smartphone is over, some told that no major future of smartphone, some told that smartphones are not innovating nowadays. But in this article, we will discuss some new crazy innovations of mobile that can blow out mind of people and they are going to love it. At present there are a lot of innovations are happening in various mobile companies but we will talk about 5 new innovations that have been introduced.

5 Crazy New Innovations in Upcoming Smartphones


At present we use small screen smartphone for our work and relatively big tablet to consume content. What if we get both in a smartphone? Here the innovation come of rollable smartphone. It is not like foldable smartphone which sometime may feel like TV remote. It will much lighter and cheap compare to the foldable phone and as we are not switching screen the display quality will be the same. We can easily make the roll up whenever we need.

OPPO had already released namely OPPO X where we will find this feature.


One of the greatest problem of smartphones that it has to charge daily. It almost took two hours to charge it fully from zero. Though new innovations like fast charging reduced the time of charging, it did not reduced time drastically. Here came the graphene which is ultrathin layer of carbon atom and it is lighter than aluminium and harder than diamond and more elastic than rubber. It is so strong that one atom layer is enough to absorb the impact same of steel. But the most astonishing feature is it is the best knownconductor for electricity and heat which can be used to charge battery superfast.


In recent times there are lot of improvisation happen to remove the edges of phone. Most edges are replaced but the bottom edge was hard to remove as battery charger need that place. But apple uses some new techniques to remove this edge from the phone. Other companies are following apple`s way.


When we are talking about colour changing back-panel we are not talking about those which change colour in different direction. In this technology the colour of the back panel will change by reacting various chemical in the back side. There is no doubt that modern smartphones are going to be more stylish back-panel by this in future.


Nowadays earphones are becoming more integral part of smartphone. We use it at the time of online meeting or enjoying music or watching contacts. As we mostly use wireless earphones it has chance to loss or not finding in time. So why not we integrate earphones with the phone itself. Xiomi planned to launch some flagship models for these.

In future we can see charger are also associating with the phone, then we have to think about just one and it will be easier to use anywhere, Is not it?

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