5 reasons Why clean Milk from lab is Future of dairy Industry?


For about hundreds of years we depend fully on cattle like cows, buffalos or goats for getting milk. It is extremely common food taken by entire world population. As it become a big industry milk is shifted from domestic production to commercial production. But for these a huge amount of resources needed, so some scientists come with an extraordinary idea to create milk from a process known as “Microbial Fermentation” which is an easy way to produce.


The process is scientifically complex but we will give an overall idea how the milk will be produced in lab. At first the gene which is involved in milk making in cow will be copied. Then this copied gene will be inserted in plasmid vector and then it will be transferred into microbe. Then these microbes will produce milk protein in lab and thus miracle will happen. We will get same chemically structured milk which will have same taste too. This invention is revolutionary because from almond or cashew milk we can`t produce dairy products but with these milks we can make yogurt, cheese, paneer or any dairy products we want. Already a Singapore based biotech company REMILK successfully make this clean milk.

Here are 5 reasons why it is better than regular milk.


Cow milks are generally full of lactose. But more than one third people are Lactose intolerant. For these more people will be able to consume this milk. Similarly the amount of cholesterol and saturated fatty acids which consider bad for human health and generally present in cow milk will not present in this milk.



Cows often fed with some chemicals which enhanced milk production will not be needed anymore. The milk which we will drink, that will be free of any chemical substances.



For the cow milk productions millions of cows are used which used a lot of space and it produces huge amount of methane gas which is responsible for green house gases. It is also estimated for production of 1 litre milk around 1000 litre water wasted. By these this type of problems can be eliminated.


As people are caring more about animals and a huge number of people protestagainst the milk production in unethical ways. More people are also choosing more clean milk like almond milk or cashew milk. But this type of milk production can satisfy both of these people as there are no animal abuse making milk and it is way clean milk than the original.


Initially it will be cost a huge to set up this type of world across the lab. But once they are made, they will make more than thousand litres of milk which will need only 10% water, 1% space of what actually need today.


There are long ways to go where we will depend on totally depend on lab milk. But one thing is sure we can be optimistic about the future of dairy products as it will be much cleaner and healthier as time passes.

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