5 Crazy Upcoming New Mobile Camera Innovations in World?

Mobile camera has been always integrated parts of smartphone. It is becoming more better and better with the time. From one back camera mobile phone to quad camera in back, several improvement including most innovative idea of Selfies from camera, we have seen a lot of change in recent history.

This improvement of camera in smartphones are now getting next levels. Today we are going to discuss five new innovations in which some are already used in few phones and others are in development process.


At present mobile companies are using multiple cameras to improve size and variation of the photos. But for non-movable camera it is not easy job to do all the function by single one. Companies have to use one primary camera, one depth sensor camera, one ultra-wide camera, one macro camera. As they have to use lot of cameras, they can`t focus each one of them properly and it became more costly. Now companies are trying to make a single rear camera which will be movable like camera lens and it will do every function as camera do if not more than that.

The mobile company Xiomi, already planned for this and they have created a model for this.


A lot of experiment has been done for the front cameras like v- shaped curve, punch hole type or pop up camera but these are not satisfying the customers fully as it hampered little bit in time of consuming content. Now companies are trying to make invisible screen in which camera will be under screen. It will only visible at the time of capturing photos. It will be interesting to see this type of phone near future.

Samsung already used their technology in their recent flagship phones.


As number of content creators by smartphone are increasing day by day the concept of removable camera has been planned where one can just remove the pop-up selfie camera to take different angle photo or video and It can be used by voice command.

The company which is known for doing crazy stuff that is Vivo, already planned to launch these type of cameras very soon.


The concept of hidden camera is not new. It is important to make a smartphone clear, compact and water-proof. Companies are making pop up for both rear and front cameras when needed. It will make smartphoneeasy to use and handy to carry.

In the brand Vivo next, they already tried this feature but they are trying to improve the feature in future.


Over the time camera has been improved drastically, but in term of night vision camera there are poor results of both rear and front cameras. Some companies are investing high to make more efficient and crystal-clear night vision through the camera of smartphones.


In a nutshell,we can say that in nearby future we will see more efficient cameras which will do better job and will not hinder to the design of a compact phone in future.

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