5 Reasons Why lab made Meat is better to Consume?

Human biology is made for eating meat or not, there is an immense debate on this topic. But it is accepted from all that the amount of protein we get from meat is huge and hard to compensate if we completely depend on plant products. But the huge demand of animal products leads to animal abuse, global warming and many issues which can`t be overlooked. Scientists are also well aware about the above topic. By far some female scientists from Singapore made an outstanding procedure to make meat in other ways.


           The making process of lab made meat is complex but we will discuss in easy language. At first a stem cell (Stem cell is a type of cell from which every type of cell of that organism can be made) is taken from shrimp or goat whatever we want to make. Then in a complex pathway these stem cells start to grow with presence of proper nutrients in a controlled environment. The process can`t be visible in naked eye but muscles start to grow. In some hours a piece of meat got ready from that one microscopic stem cell which had exactly the same taste.

       In this article we are going to discuss why this lab made meat are more beneficial for us.


  • Clean Antibiotic Free:

For the huge production of livestock and keep them disease free a lot of antibiotics used in meat production normally. In the case of lab made meat only nutrients are provided during the growth phase, no antibiotics are used, so it is good for our health as there are no chance of antibiotic resistance.


  • Environment Friendly:

The seafood we eat are not clean as various type of microplastic remains in their stomach. Therefore, it can eventually come to human body. Apart from this, shrimps are getting lesser and lesser in number as they are largely captured by human, so there is a chance of extinction of certain species so it is better to shift alternative meat.

  • Cheap and Less Resource Need:

            For supplying the huge demand, a big industry is created which require a lot of space and water to maintain. But if these kind of meat starts to get attention, many labs will be produced and they will make ton of meat everyday which will be cheaper than the present one.

  • More consumer:

Many people left eating showing sympathy toward animals. If this kind of meat start to available in market, they will feel encouraged to eat as it will fill their protein demand and this type of production is animal abuse free.

  • Less Global Warming:

Each year millions if not billions of livestock have been produced to supply the meat. But these cows make methane gas in huge amount which is responsible for global warming. By opting lab made meat we can help to reduce global warming.



     The production of meat in lab is not yet completed fully. It needs more approval is needed to supply in open market. But for the growing population in earth we definitely need to think about alternative food because the land is limited and population growing exponentially. This kind of invention definitely ensure to remove hunger in future world so we should be optimistic about the lab made meat.

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