5 Reasons Why you should Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency arised after the stock market cash of 2008. At that time people thought it was better to invest elsewhere than the stock market which will have more returns and will not depend on govts or any other institutions, cryptocurrency can fulfil each demand. Thus it grows in various markets around the world. As there is totally avoidance the middle man things govt and banking sector did not acknowledge this cryptocurrency. So many experts told that investment in this type of currencies had different consequences as the value of the coins may become zero if one day no-one value this.

But today in this post we will discuss five reasons why one should invest in cryptocurrencies?

Higher Returns:

As there are limited number of coins in every cryptocurrency, there is very less chance of inflation which will reduce the risk. People are showing high interest in buying this type of coins, thus the market value, which is calculated by the availability of that type of virtual coins by the current price, always remain high in the market. A value of single bitcoin is around 15 lakh rupees at the time when I was writing this article compared to 2 to 3 lakh in 2010. So there is a high chance that in future it will only grow bigger and bigger and anyone who will invest in here will have higher returns than any other known policy by the govts. 

Property Forever:

As the money kept in any institution like banks or govt, there is chance that if any accident happens all your cash may gone as it has mercy on banks.  But in the cryptocurrency your money is always with you and you have not to depend any other institution so there is no chance that your money will not go anywhere. The cryptocurrency is maintained by decentralised block chain method by which hacking is not a easy task to do in these case.

High Liquidity:

Anything which can be purchase or sell easily in the market are told as high liquidity characters which is considered a good characters of property. This cryptocurrency have a high liquidity by nature as many tech organizations allow a wide variety of tools to buy and sell the coins in a specified rate.

Alternative Investment:

Due to pandemic and some other causes there is a high chance that economy and stock market can crash in near future, so people are finding other than traditional method of investment which is investment in cryptocurrency. They believe as it arise in time of economy crash so it has a higher chance to not crash when economy is down.

Easy Deal:

Whenever you want to deal in any traditional methods to invest you will find it is time consuming and little bit complicated. Even in 1000 rupees investment you have find a proper source and expert advise before investing. But one can easily invest in the cryptocurrency and note the easily the growth or fall of the currencies. You can invest some minutes and you will have proper idea that you should buy more coins or sells in the market as per your capacity and best returns.

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