Best 3 high growth Stocks under 100 rupees in Share Market

Most of the investors have a perception that if any company stock price is low, that means the company is cheap. But it is a completely false perception. Stock price is dependent on the company earning and their earning potentials in future.

As a lot of young people recently come into the game of stock market, they are looking for cheap stocks. So in this article we will share with you some of the best growth stocks which are trading below 100 rupees at present. But we keep in mind that these stocks should not be very much volatile and their market cap is above 1000 crores and the CAGR is more than 15 percent.

Morepen Laboratories

This company manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), branded and generic formulations for various kinds of medicines. The PE ratio of this company is 22.22 and debt to equity ratio is 0.2 which seems like good stock. This comany is also giving a good 19.62 percent CAGR with net profit margin 8.17 percent.

If we talk about technical analysis of the stock, it can be seen as a bearing trend in case of a 200 day moving average but a bullish trend in the case of RSI remark.

This stock is presently trading at 46 rupees. The daily RSI or relative strength index value is 63.45. We know if any company RSI is greater than 60, that stock is considered as bullish stock. 

Dolat Algotech

This company deals with security broking and securities training business. The PE ratio of this company is 8.56 and debt to equity ratio is 0.43. If we talk about profitability, this company is giving 50.3 percent on return on equity with a net profit margin of 67.04 percent.

This company is giving around 19 percent CAGR and this stock grew 33 percent only this year. 

The current price of this stock is 90 rupees which is exactly the same as 200 Day Moving Average. So you should check properly before investing this can go now on any side.

Rail Vikas Nigam

This company is involved in many rail projects implementation. This company has PE ratio of 6.36 and debt to equity ratio is 1.02 which seems good. Return on equity of this company is also 17.26 percent along with the net profit margin 5.9 percent.

The sales of this company have increased 27.68 percent in the last 5 years. The stock price increased 13 percent last year.

This company was listed in 2019 in the stock market. After that this company give almost 89 percent growth in stock market price.

The Stock price of this company is 34 rupees. The 200 Day Moving average is around 33 rupees. As the current trading price is little higher than the 200 DMA, we can say that this company is in a bullish trend. This company has an RSI value of 57 which is alos indicative of a bullish trend.

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