Best Places of Alipurduar -The Gateway of Bhutan


When one should think visit in Northen part of Bengal , they often choose Darjeeling over the dooars part of north Bengal. But due to some political instability and hunger of exploring new places nowadays tourists are more attracted to this part of Bengal which is mostly unexplored. Today we are going to share some of these undiscovered places by most people. Before starting readers must know that whole district is full of nature bounded and one would find pleasure to visit each and every places of Alipurduar. But today we are going to discuss most attractive places of Alipurduar.


If anyone have just one days in hand we will suggest to visit buxa reserve forest which is very close to the city of alipurduar and there are ample places to visit here. Inside the forest there is a museum in Rajabhatkhawa area. After visiting these you will find a road two side covered by forest. In the same way you can visit the Jayanti hill area and later you can go to Buxa Fort where Netaji was kept in jail. You also can trek 2 hours to lepchakha where you can spent entire night in homestay (if pre booked).


This is the one of the most tourist attracted spot here. It is about 2 hour distance from the city. You have to book tourist car and guide before entry here with nominal charges. In the journey through the jungle you will definitely find some wild animals like deer ,rabbit, monkey and even bison if you are lucky enough. A watch tower is there to watch animals from far distance. You can ride to elephant and moved to dense forest and also stay there in jungle bunglow if prebooked.


This forest is attached with the jaldapara forest but you will find less restriction here to move here and there. Some Tollywood and Bollywood movies have been filmed in this area. You can enjoy your snacks and soft drinks here with your family here in the jungle. Some wild animals can be encountered here too so it is better to keep yourself and especially your children safety with serious attention.


This is a place which is made for tourist attraction and breeding of alligators also take place here. You will find a little zoo where various wild animals like tiger, crocodile, snake ,rabbit and deers are kept. This place can also be used as a spot of picnic with certain restrictions.  This tourist will definitely love this place especially the junior tourists. This place is nearly one and half hour car distance from the Alipurduar city.


This place is geographically very important because this is the boarder area with Bhutan . you will cross numerous beautiful tea garden to cross this area. You can even go to Bhutan without any visa passport upto certain area. A gumpha present in nearby Bhutan area is highly recommended to visit.


This park is situated nearly Falakata area. One can easily visit this area with local taxi. This place is made certainly for tourists. You can spend some good time in nature with some playful activities along with family. You can find some captured wild animals in between the trees which will be surely enjoyed by young people.


This forest is nearby samuktala area and rarely visit by tourists. If you have some time in hand during buxa visit you can come here. In the road you will find local mech, adibasi indigenous culture. You can visit a hanging bridges in jungle where you may encountered with elephant and monkeys. As there are no residing places till now it is recommended to return back in main area before sunset.


Though this area is nowadays developing but it is advised not to visit any places at night without any emergency as wild animals like leopards and elephants regularly visit even in local area for hunting. Keep some dry foods with you as everywhere you will not found food you want.


In a nutshell, Alipurduar is some of the rare area where exploration are still not fully completed neither by the scientists nor by the tourist. This area only nowadays getting attention of people. So if you are thinking to visit this area don’t give a second thought. You will amazed by the nature and indigenous people beahvior of these area.

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