First chapter of the book summary of finance book “Money master the game”

Many families taught their children that more money equals to more problem. Some taught their child that stock market is a gambling area or have huge risks. They also taught that you have to work until you are physically exhausted or until the pension starts. Most common was that your child grow so that he can take care of you. Then only we will find rest and happiness in life.


Nobody talks about finance in our families. We see our parents and their father to work up to their old age just to maintain their lifestyle. They have to work in every season every day in spite of rain or any natural disasters. 

There is the concept financial freedom but very rare people exercise it properly which may be less than one percent. It may sound ridiculous but regardless of any income, one can be financially independent if he gather proper knowledge and implemented it in their own life.

We will discuss the summary of the book “Money master the game” by Tony Robbins in four parts. In the book he discussed 7 simplest plan to achieve financial freedom. First two plan will be discussed today.

Welcome to the jungle

The first section is about fighting in a jungle. Whenever you roam around any jungle there is possible attack from anywhere. Same happens when you start to earn good money. Many fake coaches, investment bankers and other people will make you loose money by playing with your weakness. These people are more dangerous than the strangers of jungle. 

You can atleast identify them easily as enemy but it is very tough in real life. So at first you have to trust yourself so that you can take the right financial decision. It will only happen when you will be experienced or educated properly.

Know the rules before you get in

In this section author clearly told that we have to be owner not the consumer. That means you need to plan to buy apple stocks before you actually own I-phone. It will be your mistake if you don’t learn about investing and finance. Most of the people spend their time either in earning money or spending them.

So you need to learn at least the basic investment knowledge. You need to know where you can get maximum profit in long term. The answer is equity market. If you think owning a second real estate or buying gold is the best investment then you are wrong. Most people think that renting your second apartment will make you financially independent than you are wrong.

Now some may argue that stock market is risky. It is risky for you because you don’t know that market. When you will learn more about this market you will know that a simple index fund beat most of the mutual funds in long term. 

But the people tend to ignore this fund because it is less advertised than other active mutual funds. In a latest research it was found that only 4 percent mutual funds beat the return of index fund in long run. So simple investment in index fund may generate more interest than most of the stocks, mutual funds or any other assets.

Will be continued in next chapters.

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