In Which Innovative Technique Mosquito problems are dealt with in Singapore?

 The mosquitoes are harmful insects which are not only annoying but also dangerous. Each year 500 million cases of dengue occur in the world. Around 5000-10000 people die each year because of mosquito bite as it works as a vector for various diseases. Every year billions of dollars are invested to tackle these mosquito problems, but still they are not getting significant results in return.

Numerous scientists are trying to solve the problem. At last some ground breaking discoveries take place in Singapore which reduce about 90 % mosquito related diseases. What technique they have used, you will know in this post.


               Most of the other techniques involved used of harmful chemicals like DDT, which can kill the mosquitoes but eventually it disturbed the whole ecosystem. It is proved that use of DDT has significant impact in birds. A book “The Silent Spring” described well this. It has bad impact on human too. For these many countries already banned used of DDT. But till now it is used in developing countries including India. Other chemicals also have some kind of side-affects.  So scientists of Singapore thought and execute a technique which is more nature friendly


  • After extensive research on dengue spreading Aedes mosquito, they find the exact nature of these mosquitoes how they reproduced.
  •  They invented a new type of mosquito in labs which is not harmful and it have a special character, it can mate with the female dengue mosquitoes.
  • They are designed such a way that they can mate with the wild type mosquito but at the same time they will make them sterilize.
  •  As they can`t reproduce no offspring produced of that particular mosquito.
  • They created millions of new type of mosquitoes in laboratory in few days by same technique.
  • After the mosquito mature from larva to adult and they are freed around the corridor, rooftop, jungles and other areas so that they can mate with the bad mosquitoes easily.
  • In few years the number of cases of disease happen by mosquitoes have been drastically decreased over the past years.
  • The newly created mosquito does not bite or harm humans.


As Singapore a relatively small country, thus it get success very easily and quickly. But in case of Africa where most of the malaria cases are reported or densely plant surrounded Brazil or in billion people`s country India, It is not a easy way to get that much of success as these areas lack infrastructure and poorly developed. But this technique can be used more efficiently if more research happens in this particular field. As of now each year thousands of people died in India by various mosquito vectored disease. So it is necessary to innovate or follow some scientific ideas to fight with this problems. It is a great example how using simple scientific techniques we can solve the problem which existed from thousand years.

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