Why the stock price of Tata chemicals are rising in stock market recently

If we follow the stock market we will found that every other tata companies share price is rallying in the stock market. There is an important role of N. Chadrashekaran who is the present chairman of the tata sons group.

 We all know that after the exit of Ratan Tata, every tata stocks started to struggle to get revenue. Only after joining of present chairman, things started to change. In his masterplan he thought to bring every tata companies in some eco system and thus every tata companies will be under a roof. 

One of the most ambitious eco system of tata group is Electric Vehicle Ecosystem. In this ecosystem the highest revenue generator will be the Tata power for its charging system ability. Second it is the TATA chemicals which will get second highest benefit from this ecosystem.

As we know in every EV, the most important component is lithium ion battery. Tata chemicals entered in lithium ion battery making seeing the opportunity. They are starting to make the biggest lithium ion battery making factory in Dholera in Gujarat. They bought 126 acre areas in that area. The company will started to work in few years.

At present most of the lithium is found in China. After that Bolivia produced most lithium. Tata Chemicals are exporting Lithium from this country. Tata chemicals also started to recycle some mobile phones by which they can produced lithium in our country itself.

The battery is one of the most important and expensive part of the Electric Vehicle. It is assumed that the battery cost almost 30 percent of the entire electric vehicle cost. So you can imagine there is huge opportunity to generate income from this sector.

Tata group knew this very well. So they want to take profit from this upcoming business. So they are focusing in their company Tata Chemicals very well and making an good eco system through their vertical integration program.

So after watching this we can see that there is very good opportunity to capture the lithium ion making market share. Stock market is also noticing the activities of Tata Chemicals regularly. As Tata already an established name in Indian Business and they did well in various other business as well, people trust TATA a lot. So the people also don’t want to miss another opportunity where TATA group can do well. 

So not only retail investors, various foreign investors like Bigrock and companies may invest in Tata groups as news spreading in the market. If this happen, that will be another bullish news for the company. It will also grow exponentially. 

Watching these, people are investing in TATA groups especially in chemical sector. So the prices of the stock rises very high in recent times. Keep your eye in this company as it can do well in future too as their fundamentals and future prospective is looking very good compare to their peers. But as EV is a future project, some downsides can also occur in future which should also check by you regularly.

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