10 Amazing Facts About ASUS

From making powerful gaming mobile to powerful laptop a range of products have been sold in name Asus. This is a Taiwan based multi – national company. For the information Taiwan is a separate country from china. So if anyone want to buy something other than Chinese company, Asus may be a great choice for buying mobile phones or asus computers and laptops.

Today in this article we are going to discuss 10 amazing and interesting facts about the company of Asus. Here it goes –

  • Naming:

The name asus came from Pegasus which is a mythology. This means a winged horse which also indicate art and learning.

  • Asus is Everywhere

If you are thinking that you are not using any mobile phones of asus so you are not using that companies product, then you are wrong. Most of the companies of laptop and computer motherboard is built by this Taiwan company. In fact 40 % of motherboard in laptop are made by asus company.

  • Asus in Space

Two of the asus laptop is used in the space. Some astronauts who went to space use the laptops in space for its outstanding quality. So we can tell that asus product is used even in space. They used about 600 days in space and they came it safely in earth. They did not have any problem in the space.

  • North and South Poles:

Not only in space the laptops of asus is used in north and south poles. In the antarctica where temp. is lower than  -100 degree, there also the laptop of asus is used. The model which is used in the poles is Aus s200 N.

  • Asus partnership with intel

Most of the phones and laptops od asus used the intel processor as they have good relationship with the company. But in a phone named zenphone they used processor of snapdragon. 

  • Zenphone 2

This particular phone of asus is the first phone which have 4 gb RAM with Sonicmaster Technology. Their zenphone AR was the first phone where tango enabled which means making reality in virtual world. First triple camera was also in ASUS

  • Optical ZOOM

They launch a special phone where 3x optical zoom facility was available and image stabilization option was available 

  • Special Computer

In 2013 they make such a computer where when you attached a keyboard it become a windows computer which is quite fascinating that time. It was named transformer book trio. So you can use as a mobile and when you want you can make it a tablet too.

  • Sell pirated app computers

In a technical fault asus company sold some unlicensed cracked pirated softwares in the laptops. But after huge controversy they disable those softwares.

  • Partnership with Google

They have some partnership with google. By which they make such phone which is interdependent in two companies. Mobile phone like Nexus was such a phone. 

So these are the some amazing facts about the company of ASUS.

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