10 Amazing Facts About IPHONE

If we hear about iphone we know that we are talking about the one of the most beloved company of the world. Even in a recent survey it is found that there is a huge investment of Warren Buffet in the Apple market. So you can understand this company’s value will not go down easily. In the apple company iphone is the most loved products by all. Though they make laptops, headphones and several other things still people think of I phone whenever they think of apple.

In today discussion we are going to discuss about the 10 amazing facts of apple’s iphone.

  • Cisco iPhone

The first iphone was not made by apple but it was made by Cisco company. They launched their products 22 days ago. By that phone you can contact with any person through skype which is quite fascinating that time. There is a huge controversy between Cisco and IPhone than.

  • Iphone was Ipad

When researchers of apple make ipad, the product was so loved by Steve Jobs that he told them to make a iphone instead of IPAD. In the prototype there came some virtual keyboard so steve thought that why it can’t be in a phone. Then the history happens.

  • IPhone Time:

If you notice the time when you buy or in default it will be 9: 41. It is because when Steve Jobs first take the phone out his pant, the time was that. Though some believed that was not the exact time.

  • Innovation of the year

Iphone was given the prestigious innovation of the year by Time Magazine for the invention of this phone.

  • Kidney Joke

In Asian market you will find a kidney joke on apple. It began popular after a 17 years Chinese boy sell his kidney to buy a IPHONE and Ipad. After a newspaper published this, that joke get popular in whole world that a iphone value is equal to a kidney.

  • Costly phone

If you think that Iphone is costly in India only then you are wrong. In many countries apple phone is costlier. In brazil due to heavy tax it is said that there two iphones in USA is equal to One IPhone in Brazil.

  • Sell of Iphone

In 2018, more than 1 billion iphone was sold all over the world which is quite a fascinated number in the mobile phone market in less than 10 years.

  • No App Store

When the first iphone was launched there was no play store or app store from where one can download apps. That time the apps have to download from direct the web. Later IOS was introduced in Iphone.

  • No IPHONE 1 in India

There was no phone launched when iphone 1 was released. Actually they are only available in USA market. Later when it get popular then they start to available iphone everywhere in the world. IPhone 3g was the first phone which was released in India.

  • First iphone story

When first Iphone was shown to Jobs he throwed that in the water. Watching the bubbles he told that we can make that smaller and more compact.

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