Why female celebrities get more criticism and hatred Online than male celebrities?

It is visible to all of us that female artists got hatred than male one. In this post I am going to discuss why female celebrities get harassed and bullied in online? It is not only a matter in online but it is not a even hidden fact that women get more criticism in real life around us. In the social media, we also see the same phenomena to oppress the women particularly the voice. One interesting behaviour you will find that both left wings and right wings people knowingly or unknowingly practise this. 

I will discuss more about this by citing the example of the controversy going between Swara Bhaskar and Kangana Ranaut. Politically they belong to two distinct wings that is well known to everyone. But if you notice carefully you will found both the opposite wings supporter want to shut their voice particularly. Not only they stopped by placing demeaning comment but also they try to stop them every possible ways by lowering the rank of their movies or breaking their house which can harm them directly.

Not only them you will find popular female celebrities who talk  controversial topics they are brutally trolled and humiliated by not only people but also by the media. You can find how famous female celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Neha Dhupia , Prajakta kohli and many other female celebrities get brutally trolled for any random topics.

If you want to discuss the reasons behind it we can discuss in subtopics :

  • Easy to target

Consider a normal male celebrity with a normal female celebrity, who is easy to trolled? You will hardly get some likes if you start body shaming or make a photoshop picture of him. People hardly care. But if you can pin point something on the body of a female celebrity or start vulgar commenting for her dress up or make a photoshop picture you can get a ton of likes and hundred eyeball attention very quickly by remaining an anonymous person.

  • Relatively few female celebrities

How many famous female singers or female youtubers are in India compared to male singers or youtubers. Anyone can answer this that there are very low number of female celebrities in every genre like sports, politics or in entertainment industry. Why female artists are very low in India I will discuss in other post.

As their number are less it is easy to identify and target them on their social media sites as it was very difficult for them to identify a particular single person to take action as they are huge in numbers.

  • Patriarchal Society

May India developed so much economically but the patriarchy lies in root of the Indian society. A common Indian man mostly dominate over his sister, wife or daughter by verbally or force and restrict their opinions and even their dress up. But when he found online that some female celebrities were giving fully her opinion in any topic including politics and dressing up as they want, they try to show exactly same behaviour to oppress or stop them from doing so. But when they found their tactics did not work they started to pass vulgar comments and some even gave rape or murder threats to female celebrities.


If you notice carefully you will found, not only me , some women also trolling celebrities especially female one. The reasons behind this behaviour may be divided in two ways. It is possible to think by them giving opinions in every topic or dressing up as they want is not a good habit as they are taught by their family from childhood. So they accepted it and want to see practised by all. The other way can be thinking of those women when they are not getting privilege to such freedom to give opinion freely or dressed up as they want how female celebrities can enjoy the privilege to wear clothes they want.


Indian men have some kind of imaginary characters of their favourite heroine or female artists. But sadly they prefer those female artists who have good appearance or so called figure maintaining body and extra feminine characters by which they mean she will speak politely, she will always be romantic and she will always hear her. But when they found their favourite actress gave her honest opinion in various matter or they talked against government they get angry. It is hard to accept from them their dream romantic partners can give hard hitting statement which may not be popular among most audience. So they start to behave harshly even to the actress whom at once was their favourite.

So it is the time to support our female celebrities more and give attention and importance on their opinion whether you support or not. Most of the young women look for those celebrities as their idol. If we mostly bully those celebrities they may lose interest to become good celebrity and it will be harder to find another Priyanka Chopra or Saniya Mirza for us which will be a great shame for our country.

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