5 popular Mobile Games in India Ever

In India the gaming industry is just growing. In foreign countries like US or in European countries gaming was popular for decades. But in India mobile gaming get popular after coming JIO. Before then only few privilege background family kids was in gaming feeds.

Nowadays a huge number of E player is growing in India and they are winning big competitions around the world. Not only that s huge number of gamers and Youtubers nowadays stream online making and they make thousands of dollars from it.

Today we are going to discuss about 5 popular mobile games in India ever.

PUBG mobile: 

Whenever some people mention mobile games, the first game came into mind is PUBG game. This south Korean game so much popular in India that it surpasses every other games in the race. But with the immense popularity there come some controversy. Many children spend in lakhs from their parent`s account to buy room and virtual coins in PUBG.

In many study it also shows that this game make people more aggressive especially for a child. It was banned by Indian Govt for its link with Chinese company. Though they disconnected all their relationship with that company till now govt do not give permission of comeback. Though the people who love this game so much they often appeal to govt to make  a comeback of PUBG.


This is an another popular games which not only the youths but it have a huge fan base among olderly people too. This low end game become a timepass for a huge number of Indian people and it quickly become one of the popular games of India.

Clash of Clanes 

This clash of clanes also gained a huge popularity in India. This team based game which need some technique to build own village and destroy village in game. Many Indian loved the games so much they formed groups to play this particular game.

Ludo king

If anyone say which was the game which is most popular in India. Everyone will name one game Ludo. It is such a popular game you will found people in side of road playing these. This is a very simple game which can be played with anyone. When people get quarantined because of lockdown an online ludo game app Ludo King get so much popular. People who are in distant place they can play a game together. It became a nation part time game of in India.


Pokemon go is one another popular games of India. This games was played by millions of Indians. In this game the people get so addicted that people start to ask gamers if there is any pokemon there or not as a Introduction

Subway Surfers:

The subway surfers is a running game where different obstacle came in front of road and you have to avoid those and collect some of the rewards. This game become so popular in India that it is very common to find this app in any of Indian Mobile.

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