5 Most Popular Cryptocurrencies in the World?

Cryptocurrencies are virtual currency which is formed in a way which can be transferable by the payer and buyer. The form of cryptocurrency is to make digital transaction possible two individuals irrespective of which country they belong from as there are no third party available. The cryptocurrency can be detected by mining process in computer. … Read more

What is Cryptocurrency and Why it is banned by Govt?

Cryptocurrency is a thing which is not relatively new. From 1983, a new currency plan was planning to made by some cryptographers. But at first let us know why there is need of cryptocurrency. All our transactions that may be offline or online it happen because there is a third party whom the payer and … Read more

What are the Techniques used for making of Covid-19 Vaccine?

As the pandemic came previous years, thousands of institutions are trying to make the vaccine for this coronavirus pandemic. At present 178 vaccines are in development stage in which 27 are in human trial phase. In these 11 vaccines are in stage 3 human trial which is considered the ultimate stage to test the efficiency … Read more

5 Reasons Why lab made Meat is better to Consume?

Human biology is made for eating meat or not, there is an immense debate on this topic. But it is accepted from all that the amount of protein we get from meat is huge and hard to compensate if we completely depend on plant products. But the huge demand of animal products leads to animal … Read more


PREMISE As this coronavirus pandemic is crossing about one years, more than 175 covid-19 vaccines are under development process out of which more than 25 are in human phase trial. It is really a fascinating number and their effectiveness if you consider the early pandemic eras. Human history had witnessed much more devastating pandemic which … Read more

Best Places of Alipurduar -The Gateway of Bhutan

ALIPURDUAR – GATEWAY OF BHUTAN When one should think visit in Northen part of Bengal , they often choose Darjeeling over the dooars part of north Bengal. But due to some political instability and hunger of exploring new places nowadays tourists are more attracted to this part of Bengal which is mostly unexplored. Today we … Read more