3 Apps Which Can Change Indian Agriculture sector?

We all know that farmers are backbone of our society but they did not get proper profit for their products. In recent times there are huge controversy around three farmer bill laws. In this post we are not going to discuss about those laws but about the ways by which India can do well in Agriculture Sector.

In this post we are going to discuss about 5 application which have potential to solve farmer`s problem and can gave them proper tactic to overcome all shortcomings. This apps are already used in various states and parts of world they just need more exposure now to overall benefits of farmer.


One of the important factor for every farmer is to predict the nature as most of them rely fully on rain for the water supply. As they have to guess about nature it is not possible to everytime right. Thus they have to face huge loss. 

Fasal uses data to reduce water wastage and help to improve profits. They have a Solar power device in which one end goes into the soil to collect soil health data and other end collects specific weather related information.

This data formulated in simple app and spread it among the farmers by which they can guess the weather forecast for atleast upcoming 14 days which is beneficiary for them. It also help them to understand if there is any chance of pest attack or not? If any such attack happens what can they do? They can also determine the moisture of the soil by which they can decide if any watering is needed or not?


  • DeHaat:

Dehaat is an online platform that works to help farmers during buying seeds and selling their products in a competitive prices.. They also help farmers to get proper and good quality fertilizer for their crops.

 They have already more than 300 centres in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. They worked with the farmers and make them entrepreneurs. They help to sell their products directly to the big sector by which they are getting much higher price and thus getting profits.


As most of the farmers of India did not have large lands they can`t buy expensive agriculture instruments and thus they have to work harder and still they are technologically backward. But what if there is some arrangements by which farmer can rent certain instruments? This is actually the Samadhan does. It give rent the agricultural instruments in nominal rates and thus they provide technology to the farmers to better production of crops. They save the time, energy and cost of the farmers.

Final Thoughts:

It is well known to everyone that though a huge populations of India and a big percentage of GDP still depends on the agriculture sectors but we are technologically very much backward than the farmers of developed country. We need to improve this system. Not only govt can do this. Good start ups like this will help our farmers to economically stable and technologically advanced.

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