5 Free Alternatives of Google Apps You can use

It will be hard to find a people who did not use any google apps. There is also a perception that there are no alternatives of those popular apps. There is nothing wrong in using google apps. But there may be some risk as the line “Don`t keep all the eggs in a basket”.

Some days ago, we saw due to technical bugs or errors google drive, gmail, youtube and even google search engine was also down in entire world for a hour. It is also not the first time when this type of things occurs. So we should think about some alternatives too.

But in this post, we are going to discuss about the alternatives apps which are not only alternative, they are better in some cases. 

Google Search to Duckduckgo search:

In a google search there may show different results for different people which is confusing. Google search depends on the sites you previously searched but it is not the case of duckduckgo. There are some other features available in duckduckgo which is not available in google search. 

Gmail to Outlook:

Gmail track your data from your phone. You also get to use with spam mails for ads and marketing. For this you can easily shift to microsoft outlook mail. It is very comfortable to use and almost free of ads.

Google drive to Dropbox:

If you want to use the cloud storage and expect more security than the google drive you can easily use dropbox instead of google drive. Though both the drive and dropbox have the feature of sharing files, dropbox is better in term of securing the shared files.

Google Maps to Here:

The company which owned Here , they also own a consortium of car brands like Audi and BMV. So you can expect more focus on location and navigation in this apps. One can download the maps to locate later. It has better privacy policy than google maps, your personal data will be secured. If they want to use your data, they only can use as researchers, advertisers or partners.

Google Play Store to Aptoide:

It is one of the oldest store to download apps. It has modern apps also you can find some adult apps which is not available in case of google play store. Also the user experience is better in aptoide. There are better security policies and newer update came here. So you can definitely use this aptoide instead of google play store.

Final Thoughts:

Google is most trusted company in the world. Most of the people use their products. One should definitely prioritize their products over other but we should aware about other alternatives too as they also provide some great facilities than the google apps. Google also faced various allegations against them that they are breaking privacy policies. They are being criticized in whole world for the data security of customers. We also kept using other alternative apps as they are providing competitive market in the field over the monopoly which is better and beneficial for all of us.

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