Linux operating system, alternative of Android and IoS operating System

The world at present depends on either Android or in IoS for the operating system of mobile. They both are exactly different as they are from different types of sysytem. When Android is type of open operating ecosystem means anyone can enter and use their system for free but IOS system is a type of close ecosystem where they operated and regulated themselves and others cant use it any device.

Most of the world depends on this system. But Did you know that there is an another alternative system than this two exist ? 

Linux Operating System : 

Yes, That is Linux system. The people who are fond of Nokia will remember that there was this sytem in their mobile phone in earlier time. But for the lack of facilities they couldn’t sustain in this competitive market. Though they are not vanished they are coming stronger these days.

In this post we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this type of operating system.


1) In case of Android operating system the coding of apps are not disclosed by the company. So if any bug appears only the company can fix the bugs. But as Linux follows open coding system if any bug appears in any system or apps it can be fix by anyone.

2) As most of the apps are free in both android and IoS store, they treated users as their customers. But in case of Linux anyone can get the codung and any apps , they will not treat users as customers.

3) As Linux system is simple and no pre install apps are there. So you can get a clean phone after which you can decide what you need or what not.

4) As there are not so much functioning happening in background, battery life will increase to atleast 3-4 hours in that particular type of device.

5) As people are concerning so much about their data and privacy nowadays it is possible to shift people in this type of system where their data will be protected more than other two systems.


1) Linux has less features as there are very less apps in this phones. This is not for the tech Savvy people. As it is open coding system apps anyone can duplicate entire apps so app company will not get interested to fix the bugs.

2) As the app companies can’t sell the data they will less interested to update apps and fix the bugs as they are not getting significant amount in return in any form.

3) Many useful apps which we may use day to day may not be available in the linux system. So you have to face difficulty to use.

4) As linux operating phones have less features you can’t do sofisticated work like video editing or audio mixing properly.

Final Thoughts : 

There are still a long way to go for linux to establish in the market as they have very limited potential. Despite other operating system selling data they have so many features in free that it will difficult to make anyone use this type of system which may not be as user friendly as those. In future there may be a big giant market as people are concerning more about their data and privacy but still that days is not near when Linux system will give competition to Android and IoS operating system neck to neck.

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