5 Reasons for the Rising of OTT platforms in India?

After the introduction of netflix in India, the market for paid online content cosuming platforms were rising in India. At present more than 200 such platforms exist in India which have a vast range from 300 rs per year to 800 rs per months. The market is not yet saturated. A huge rise can be expected in the India as huge young populations yet to watch that type of content. Some other foreign OTT platforms are also planning to enter in the Indian market seeing the potential. In this article we will find out 5 reasons why OTT platforms are rising in India?

  • No Censorship

Till date there is no sensorship in the OTT platforms. The sensorship is a high burden for the TV show and cinema makers. As they have to premiere the shows keeping in mind that children also watch those show. So they have to maintain strict guidelines, in absense of any of these the program can be shutdown or stop release in cinema halls by the regulating authority. For these the content of shows and cinemas get affected. That is not the case of OTT platforms. They are free from such regulations. They can create content independently without any worry of any kind of story.

  • Raw and Real

As there is no sensorship in these platforms the content of shows and cinemas are more relatable to the audiences. The way we talk , the way we indulge in sexual intercourse and the real India can be reflected well through the stories. So audiences love those contents. This rawness and realistic approach is quite familiar to eastern countries but it is new to Indian audiences so they just grab and hooked in these platforms.

  • Foreign Contents:

Not just the Indian web series or cinemas by paying a subscription a user can get access to the content of whole world. Without these there are very less options available to watch those contents. People nowadays are watching films from USA, South Korea , Spain, Japan, Germany and other parts of world. People appreciate those films and by mouth the foreign films get popular. They start to watch using subtitles and popular shows are even dubbed to regional languages of India including Hindi as there is high demand of that. Web series like Breaking Bad, Money Heist, Game of Thrones are extremely popular in India.

  • Upgrading Contents 

Radio was the most popular for consuming contents earlier. Then the Television and cinema halls become most popular for the consuming contents. After decades people find boring in television. After the pandemic the business of Cinema halls also go down. At the same time people find OTT platforms as alternative as they are short to watch and can consume the contents anytime they want. The content was also upgraded this time. More relatable and more ranges of cinemas including old cinemas everything can get by one person.

  • Sexual Orientated Shows

We cannot deny that a huge proportions of young populations want to see pornographic content online. As porn websites get blocked by govt and no regulation, in the name of content many platforms supplied a type of soft which is very popular in India. Even many platforms are established and known only for those type of contents.

  • Final Thoughts:

In India watching content by paying is quite a new concept. Many people are interested to watch contents for free. There are many sites which upload paid content for free illegally. OTT platforms face a huge lose for these. And the most astonishing feature of non regulations may also come to an end as govt are thinking to establish a regulatory board after many controversy happens in OTT platforms. Though this decision is now withheld but upto when it will remain same ,there is a big question. But the drawbacks are quite less than the opportunity in the market for the content creator and for the businessman too. This market will grow even more in upcoming future.

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